Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear participants of the workshop- language teachers

On the 2nd of October we have a unique opportunity to share our project work experience during group work. Please feel free to contribute to the discussion. You might wish to prepare some examples or interesting tools to share with your colleagues.
On the 1st of October during the school visit to Tallinn Lillekyla Gymnasium we will be working in the computer lab. If you have special interests or wish to learn any specific new tools, let me know in the comments.
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Meeri Sild, moderator of the langauges workshop.


  1. Thanks for the welcome Meeri, I've experience of wikis and google sites encouraging pupils to exhibit their work live (online). I hoping to learn from other teachers that will no doubt have superb examples of good ICT practice that I would never think of.


  2. Dear Dessie
    Thank you for a quick feedback. I'm glad you are ready to contribute your experience.

  3. Hi there!
    I am looking forward to the work shop. I am new at E-twinning but have been in another Comenius project about ICT tools for three years -but want to learn more and find more good examples! See you soon!
    /Anna, Sweden

  4. Dear Meri,
    I feel that our workshop this weekend will be very interesting. I am a beginner at E-twinning but I have experience in using ICT in my language lessons. I have used Writeboard, blogs and Google accounts and I should say that it has been interesting for me and for my students. See you soon!
    Ilze, Latvia

  5. Hi Meeri - thanks for the welcome! I'm really looking forward to the workshop!! Jenny (UK)