Saturday, October 2, 2010


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Project planning

Project ideas – science group. Possible ICT tools.

Project ideas – science group, Oct 02, 2010
  • Youngsers 4 Education (4= for :).
  • Experimental Science (measurements, pollution, etc. Could be with data collectors).
  • Biotechnological outcomes/industryand bioethics in different countries.
  • Business (economy) and IT (i.e price comparisons, money etc).
  • Climate, energy consumption, natural resources, environmental history (environment in the past, nowadays and in the future; changes, mutual influences with the society, etc)
  • History of Science
  • Garbage - content of it, taking pictures,…
  • Common (or rare) plants and their biotopes in different countries.
  • Sound measurements in different places (home, school, concert, etc), sound wave influences to human body
Already discussed and demonstrated a lot, but still...

eTwinning project planning

Ann-Marie Degerstöm, International programme Office for Education and Training, NSS, Sweden

Medieval Helpdesk

eTwinning portal and tools

Owain Wright introducing the eTwinning portal

Friday, October 1, 2010

Visit to Tallinn Lillekyla Gymnasium

School presentations

Visit to Tallinn Secondary Sciences School

Tallinn Secondary Sciences School

Visit to Gustav Adolf Grammar School

Etwinning Tallinnas GAG 1.10.2010

1. Lessonplan
Students' presentations

2. Marju Liidja "Using IT in art lessons"

3. Dipity

My eTwinning story

Plenary session - room Omega-Kapa

My eTwinning story, Madi-Maria Naulainen, Kuressaare Gymnasium

TPACK method, Piret Luik, Tartu University

Keynote speaker, Enel Mägi, Tiger Leap Foundation CEO

Dinner and social activities, restaurant Senso banquet hall

Elo Allemann, Tiger Leap Foundation, NSS

Sam Toman, British Council

Meeri Sild, Tallinn Lillekyla Gymnasium

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Social sciences and humanities workshop

Dear colleagues, my name is Madli-Maria Naulainen and I am a history and civics teacher in Kuressaare. I look forward to meeting you all in Tallinn. In our social studies work-group on 2nd October we will share our best practice on our projects and tools we use. Getting to know each-other better and sharing our interests will help us work out new project ideas and register those in eTwinning. If some of you don't have an eTwinning account yet, please do register yourself, then it will be a bit easier and faster to create the projects on-line. You are also welcome to show us your projects or interesting findings on computers. See you soon!

eTwinning portal workshop on Saturday morning

Hello everyone,

I'm Owain Wright from the UK eTwinning National Support Service, I'm looking forward meeting you and working with you all this weekend. I just wanted to post some information about the eTwinning portal workshop that I'll be running on Saturday morning.

The workshop will be carried out on the eTwinning portal which you will need to be registered on - to do this you need to go to and click 'Register Now' if you haven't done so before.

The session will involve practical activities on the eTwinning site such as finding partners, registering projects and communicating with other teachers. A copy of the Task Sheet that we will be using can be seen below:

Gustav Adolf Grammar School is waiting for social science and humanities teachers

In Gustav Adolf Grammar School teachers will visit a lesson about e-services in Estonia. In the computer lab they will get to know how the teachers in Gustav Adolf Grammar School work and cooperate as well as gain practical skills in making timelines. The tour will end in the school museum.

Tallinn Secondary Science School is waiting for science and math teachers

In Tallinn Secondary Science School the guests will be taken on a tour in the historical building and the management of the school will be introduced. It is possible to visit a class of biology, mathematics or chemistry. The teachers and students of the school will show how different equipments and learning environments are used in the study process (Moodle -abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment; Verniere Lab equipment; Robotics Lego Mindstorm NXT).


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Languages workshop

Just a small preview of a tool I would like to share with you at the languages workshop.

Meeri, languages workshop moderator.